Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Day 3 - Regular Impressions

"... and the award for most pointless program ever written goes to (dramatic pause) Med of" Med approaches the mic and starts to speak emotionally; " I'd like to thank my brother Chris for giving me this opportunity!".

When I asked for ideas for things to build this week, my brother jumped in with a tongue in cheek "translation app" because apparently he has no idea what I'm saying on the internet most of the time. Well Chris, here it is:

and Here is a list of terms that it checks for so you can have a play:

"pc", "computer", "IDE", "coding", "app", "binomial", "algebra", "calculus", "plus", "equals", "aikido", "training", "throw", "ukemi", "falling", "he-man", "transformers", "cartoon", "defenders", "visionaries" 

So type any of those within a sentence and it should give you a rough idea of what's being said.

Again, totally pointless but a nice little play with reg ex and passing variables.

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