Sunday, 19 January 2014

5 Days 5 Apps

As a budding programmer, I have ideas all the time. But that generally means I'm restricted by my own imagination. I want to practice this week as part of my studies, so how about this:

Think of a simple, achievable app idea. It could be something that you have wanted, or it could just be for fun. Now comment here, post it on my facebook tweet at me or IM me. 

I will then pick the 5 best (and do-able) ideas, build them, name them after you, host them at and blog the entire process. I will do one per day for the next five days. The likely winners will be those which I can conceivably achieve in a couple of hours, so no MMORPGs I'm afraid (this time), but a simple game isn't out of the question.

First one is tomorrow. Go!

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